Deal Making in Africa

Doing Business in Africa?

First the good news. According to World Bank:

Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa is still on track to outpace the global average over the next three years, with an increase in investment likely to boost the continent’s growth to more than 5%.

The world has become a global village but we need the expertise to work
effectively with foreign partners and associates.

Doing business in Africa is not without its challenges. Our experienced team at R.M Strauss Attorneys will provide you with support, advice and solutions.

Negotiation Experts

At R.M Strauss Attorneys we can help you to:

  • Make Deals
  • Manage Negotiations
  • Solve Business Conflicts
  • Mend Deals

The globalization of economic and business activity now more than ever before requires executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs and officials to make deals with companies and organizations around the world, work productivity with foreign partners and associates, and effectively handle disputes that inevitably arise with affiliates and governments in other countries.


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